File Viewers

fileviewerGEDIS Studio provides file viewers that download only an excerpt of the generated or reference data file. Various viewers are available depending on the file type (CSV, Text, XML, etc.)

Common Principles

The viewers provided by GEDIS Studio allow to check the content of the generated files as well as the reference data file you will find in your workspace or in one of the shared workspaces you have access to.

But since data file may be very large, the viewers are only loading a sample of the data file into your browser. This way you can scroll the view of the remote data file without having to download it.

While you can adjust the size of the sample data file presented in a viewer, up to the complete file, it is not recommended to overload your browser with very large files.

Available common commands:

  • You can increase or decrease the size of the virtual window of the sample over the remote file
  • You can move the sample to the next or previous window
  • You can move the beginning or the end of the remote file in one jump
  • You can force (at your own risk) to load all of the remore file in the viewer

CSV Viewer

The CSV viewer provides a row / column view if the remove file. To do so, you specify the string to be used as record separator and as field separator.

Text Viewer

The Text viewer just provide the content of the remote as is.


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