Dataset Generation

File Generation BatchGEDIS Studio controls dataset production using batches made of files. Each file has its own generators and can be formatted in various ways (XML, CSV, etc.). Parameters plays a major role in dataset generation and are explained here.

The user is free to organize the number and the content of the batches of its projects. However, it is ofthen convenient to group files that are depend on each others.

It is also possible to group files that share global parameters in a same batch and define those global parameter in the batch. Doing so, the batch parameters will be available for each file even if those file can overwrite the value provided by the batch.

For example, if you want to generate two customer files, using  a global parameter giving the total number of customer to generate and each file a ratio of this number. Then you can define a parameter named TOTAL_CUSTOMER_COUNT in the batch and for the first file you define the number of records to produce as 40% of the customer with the expression : MULT(%(TOTAL_CUSTOMER_COUNT)%,0.40) and in the second file the number of record will be


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