Data Generation Project

Generation ProjectA test data generation project groups all the generators and file generation batches for a same project. A project may also defines global value for parameters.

To generate a data file with GEDIS Studio you have to declare the file in a batch and associate at least one generator to this file. The generator itself will provide the data while the file's configuration is used to define data formating into the file.

Thus a project in GEDIS Studio is made of files grouped into batches, each file is then associated to one or more generators. Generators produce data from the generation rule for their fields while files collect data from the fields of their generators.

Design perspective of a project

In a project, the generators are available into the Design explorer. Each generator is presented as a tree with root fields and their child fields. Child fields are fields whose values are used by the parent field to produce its own values. The way a parent field uses the value of its chid fields depends on the rule it is associated to.

 Please visit the Generator article to know more about this.


Production perspective of a project

It is often usefull to decompose your generation process into steps. Doing so, allows you to use the data generated at a previous step as input to generate the data of the next steps. Therefor, it is possible to group related generation file declarations into batches and have multiple batches into the same project.

GSOL -_Projects_-_Batch

Removing a generator from a project only removes the reference to that generator from the project, the generator remains available in the workspace from the generator area. Please visit the workspace article.

By loading a project into GEDIS Studio (see Workspace Manager) you will load all the referenced generators.

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