Offshore Testing and Test Data

The quality of the test data used by offshore teams is critical for the quality of the application being developped and tested. Because of privacy regulations and various technical constraints, the offshore teams most of time are missing those quality data.

Using test data generation as provided by GEDIS Studio is of major interest in the offshore context both from customer point of view and the offshore team point of view.

Offshore Testing Benefit #1: Workable Data

With GEDIS Studio you are able to produce exactly the data you need. No post-processings, selections, transformations or whatsoever is needed. Data generation with GEDIS Studio allows to obtain directly workable data.

Indeed, having production data extraction is not what you need. If you think so, just ask your technical team in charge of the testing. Based on the production data, and for each test case, they will have to build scripts to identify in the production data the subset that will be closed to the data they actualy need. Afterward, they will most of the time need to build other scripts just to multiply that subset to reach the amount of data they need.

Offshore Testing Benefit #2: Unlimited Amount of Data

GEDIS Studio can potentially produce unlimited amount of test data based on embedded multiply mechanism of data generation.

Another critical point when it comes to test data is the realism of those data and to what extent they mirror what you may expect from the actual production system. Indeed, you can build a perfect system that passes all the tests you planned but that will be doomed to failure when installed in the production environnement.

Offshore testing Benefit #3 - Quality of Your Test Data

GEDIS Studio is the only generator that produces test data from models of the quality of the data. It means that GEDIS Studio is able to express both advanced correlation constraints between fields and statistical constraints inside the produced data sets. Check it, this is unique!

Data quality is probably the key point of the test data production process. Thank's to GenieLog methodology and GEDIS Studio for implementing that solution, it is now possible to model data quality in a way that makes that models the basis of data generators.

Moreover, the way that generators are designed with GEDIS Studio doesn't need to exploit production data that most of the time are just unaccessible or protected for privacy reasons or because they are too sensitives for your customer.

What GEDIS Studio needs to design its generators is a specification of the constraints (as they can be found in any business rule) and data dictionnary.

Offshore Testing Benefit #4 - Enforce Data Privacy

GEDIS Studio offers you a solution for producing realistic data even in situation where the production data are not available. This way we enforce data privacy and dramatically reduce the amount of work and inputs needed from your customer.