Jumble Words

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To Jumble : To mix in a confused way.

The Jumble rule is used to randomly modify a source string by swapping characters, inserting or replacing characters. This rule is intended to provide a mean to create bad data from clean one.



There is three types of transformation, this rule can apply.

The first is swapping two consecutive positions in the source string. This can simulate a typo mistake. To configure this transformation you have to specify the number of swaps you want to perform on each source string. If this swap intensity number is float number between 0 and 1, it is interpreted like a percentage of the source string positions that will be swapped. For example, providing 0.5 as the swap intensity value says that 50% of the positions of the source string will be swapped. For a string of 10 characters it means that the Jumble rule will swap 5 times any positions in the string.

The two other ways of jumbling the source string is by changing the value of some randomly selected positions.

It is possible either to insert new characters or to replace the characters of the selected positions. To configure this feature you have to provide the number of characters you want to change or to insert and the list or characters you will inject in the source string.

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