Credit Card Number Generator

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The credit card number generator provided by GEDIS Studio relies on the multi parts structure of a credit card and allows to control the value generated by each such as the frequency of generated numbers per financial institution that can issues a credit card number.

If you want to know more on the Credit Card Number structure you can refer to the work of Donald E. Eastlake 3rd. In our generator each generated number has three parts:

  • The financial institution number
  • The user account number
  • A check digit computed by the Luhn method

The financial institution number is provided by another generator which allows for many ways for producing the value (random generation, random selection in a list, etc.). I can be noted that this number has itself a structure and you can either use real codes matching existing financila institution such as Visa, MasterCard or you can create fake but well formed instution numbers.

The user account number is the place where you can put some flag data so that you can traces the origin of the credit card number.

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