The selector is composite field having a variable number of children. One of these children is the selector's source and should provide the suffix of one of the other children. For each new record the rule will ask the selector source the UID suffix of the child to be selected to provide its value.



The selector is a key element for the design of advanced correlations between fields. Indeed, the value produced by the selector will depend on the value produced by the selector's source, so there's is strong correlation between the value generated by a selector and the value generated by the selector's source.

In some way, you can consider this generation rule as an implementation of the a mapping table between all the values the selector's source can take and the other child fields of the selector.

How it works

The key point in configuring this rule is to remember that each field in a generator has a unique identifier (UID). Those identifiers are automatically created by the application so that the UID of parent field is the prefix of children UID.

For example if your field has an UID GEN-000, then the children will have UID starting at GEN-000-000 (which will be the UID of the selector's source) and the next will have UID GEN-000-001 and so on. In order for the children of a selector to be selected, the field used as the selector source will have to produces values such as "001", "002", etc.

Tips: If it is not convenient for you that the selector's source produces values such as "001", "002", then you can use another field that will translate the convenient values into "001", "002" etc. The string replacement could be a good starting point to make this mapping.

If the selector's source produces a value that is not the suffix of one of the children, then the selector will ask the source for another value. And doing so as long as the value provided by the source is not one of the suffix of this other children, or is the number of attempts reached the limit configured.

Notice: Only the selected source is updated when generating a new value.

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