Test Data Generation Videos

Web Demos

Our sales and support team can arrange a web demo for you. Stay in front of your web browser and enjoy a live demonstration of the capabilities of GEDIS Studio based on the business cases you selected.

During the demonstration, you will be able to ask question to the operator and have responses. This way, you quickly have the opportunity to check the applicability of GEDIS Studio for your specific problem.

Live demonstrations are organized around the available tutorials and business cases. Please ask our sale representatives for the best tutorial or business cases that should be the closest to your application domain.

Please contact our sales representative by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange a web demo.

Video demos

With the following introductory videos you can discover GEDIS Studio by yourself. For each demo, the GEDIS Studio project files are provided: play with them to design customized generators !

To assist you during your GEDIS Studio evaluation, we provide you some more videos detailing specific features. Feel free to visit our video tutorials page.

First Step : "Hello World"

HelloWorld With this first tutorial you will be able to learn in less than 4 minutes how to create a simple data generator and generate files from this generator.

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A Simple Address Book in CSV

AddressBook1 Learn how to produce an address book to populate a LDAP directory or any automation script requiring personnal data. Realism is acheived with field values correlation and basic demographic control.

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Another Address Book (advanced) in HTLM

AddressBook2 This is another address book but with constraints such as matching cities and zip codes and random phone numbers with area code matching zip codes. Besides, this tutorial illustrates how to produce both CSV and HTML file from the same adress book generator.

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