Test Data for Big Data and Cloud Services

There are many providers eager to take care of your data. They propose services for storage but more and more they also propose services for hosting your computations in the cloud.

Their offerings look interesting but you're still concerned with the real efficiency and scalability of the solutions.

You are interested by doing some kind of Proof Of Concept to evaluate the actual performance of the services of your target provider. The idea would be to eavy load the cloud storage with the kind of data you are working with and run a load performance campaign by running the queries that motivate an infrastructure such as the cloud.

In that context, the data generation we provide is the perfect tool for you since is allows you to produce realistic data such as a customer base, an event base, a product base, etc. But everything is correlated and statically distributed in various ways ensuring that the query you will run in the cloud will not be straightforward.

Our offering:

  • We can load your cloud storage account with Tera bytes of data of multiple types (customers, transactions, etc.)
  • We can produce those data with control over the realism that needs to be catched by your analytics queries.